Canada’s Disgrace: “Ottawa Supports Illegal Coalition Tasked with Destroying Syria and its People”

The Canadian government and its agencies have disgraced themselves on many levels by supporting the illegal Coalition tasked with destroying Syria and its peoples.

International law is broken so Canadian politicians will unlikely be judged at The Hague, as they should be, but at the very least the government needs to stop its support for the terrorist coalition destroying Syria, and it should apologize and make amends for the war crimes that it is committing.

Our fake progressive government should also apologize to Canadians. Canadians did not and do not give informed consent to engineered Islamophobia. They did not and do not give informed consent to our government’s clear support to all of the terrorists infesting Syria. Nor did they give informed consent to terror sanctions predicated on war lies.

The Canadian government and its agencies used our tax dollars to create Islamophobia when it engineered the “kettle -pot” bomb plot on Canada Day.

Prof. Robin Mathews writes in “Canada’s RCMP Caught Trying to Demonize Muslims by Engineering False Flag Terrorism” that

“Justice Bruce found officers of the RCMP involved (repeatedly) in serious, improper actions undertaken to create a false and fraudulent Islamic Terrorist Event at the legislature grounds in Victoria, B.C., July 1, 2013. I remind you, also, that RCMP officers very probably – under the Terrorism Section of the Criminal Code of Canada – engaged in criminal activities to which are attached sentences of life imprisonment … as well as lesser terms.”

Later in the article he states that,

“We Canadians must be ashamed – as well as deeply troubled – that such an elaborate, allegedly large criminal conspiracy by police forces and others could take place in our midst. The failure by you – Prime Minister Trudeau, and you Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould – even to acknowledge a communication on a matter as deeply important as this one should send ‘a chill of terror’ down the spine of every Canadian. And it should inspire in Canadians, as well, a determination to learn who (secretly) so commands your loyalty that you refuse to act on behalf of Canada, Canadians, and the rule of law in this dominion.”(1)

Political rhetoric from politicians claiming to oppose Islamophobia is empty and insulting given the government’s covert support for Islamophobia.

Canadians also do not give informed consent to our government’s support for terrorism(2) in Syria. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the West and its allies support all of the terrorists in Syria as part of a publicly-announced Regime Change war against Syria. “Regime Change” war amounts to a war of aggression according to Nuremburg Standards. Our government is guilty.

Finally, Canadians do not give informed consent to the terror sanctions that we are imposing on Syria. The sanctions play an important role in destroying Syria’s healthcare infrastructure and in imposing death on innocent civilians.

Canada and its allies are directly responsible for the commission of an overseas holocaust.(3) Presumably, informed Canadians do not and did not give consent to this horror.

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