Democratic Media: For the People, By the People

Imagine joining the military thinking you’re fighting ISIS/al Qaeda, only to find out you’re supporting them.

Imagine paying your taxes thinking it is for the uplift of the community and country, only to find out it is for the uplift of the billionaire class … and ISIS/al Qaeda.

Imagine explaining to future generations that the government debt was incurred to support and sustain a diseconomy, bailouts to the billionaire class, and ISIS/al Qaeda.

And most Canadians –colonial media fairy tale believers that they are — think that Russia[1] is the enemy. Imagine that.

So, who is the enemy? We are the enemy. We are the countries waging wars of aggression and destroying countries and livelihoods and creating death and poverty and misery. Our governments and their agencies are doing this. None of this should be perceived as normal, but it is being normalized nonetheless.

Syria did not attack us. Venezuela is not attacking us. Iran is not a threat, and neither is Russia. Our governments and their agencies are fabricating all of these enemies so that we can destroy these countries and their peoples and steal their resources and control other countries and enrich oligarch classes and impoverish domestic[2] and foreign populations.

How did we arrive at this point where the Truth has been inverted and the Lie, which masquerades as the Truth, is widely accepted? Ubiquitous colonial media/criminal war propaganda has played a significant role.

There are alternatives to colonial media, but they are increasingly suppressed and censored. Shows such as Janice Kortkamp’s Syria: Face to Face, are not mainstream, but they should be. Evidence-based reporting should be front and center.

In the aforementioned show, Kortkamp details the West’s criminality – in terms of both domestic and international law – as it pursues its “Regime Change” war against Syria. She discusses the West’s support for terrorism in Syria (including support for ISIS), and she demonstrates how the West’s actions and inactions have created such misery and destruction in Syria.

Colonial media does none of this. It serves to advance imperial agendas as it obscures, denies, and negates evidence-based, on-the-ground realities of the war on Syria and beyond.

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If shows like this were to displace colonial media, then we would have democratic media, for the people, by the people. And our actions would be guided by the truth, rather than by war propaganda, as is currently the case.


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Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


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