Do you want to know what the Turkish regime did in the northeast of Syria in 2019? This is the tip of the iceberg/Basma Qaddour, The Syria Times

Three months before the beginning of 2020, give or take few days, the Turkish regime started an attack on the northeast of Syria and perpetrated savage crimes against civilians:

(9-10-2019) : Turkish regime’s forces started military attack on the northeast of Syria.

(9-10-2019): Turkish regime forces fired a shell on a house in Qameshli city, killing 3 children and a woman.

(9-10-201):  Turkish regime forces launched an attack on Qameshli city, killing 14 civilians and wounding 38 others.

(9-10-2019): Turkish regime forces killed 8 civilians and wounded 20 others in Ras Al-Ayn city in Hasaka province.

(9-10-2019): Turkish regime forces launched attack on Tal abyad area in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

(10-10-2019): Turkish regime forces killed 5 civilians and wounded 9 others in Ras Al-Ayn city in Hasaka province.

(10-10-2019): Turkish regime forces fired rockets on Ein Issa town in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

(10-10-2019): Turkish attack on Sa’ed oil station at Syrian border.

(10-10-2019): Turkish regime forces targeted a car on Raqqa-Tal Abyad road, killing 3 civilians and wounding dozens.

(10-10-2019): Turkish regime forces targeted Alok water station which is the only resource for providing Hasaka city with water.

(10-10-2019): Turkish regime forces killed 4 civilians and wounded 4 others on the outskirts of Tal Abyad city in Raqqa.

(10-10-2019): Several SDF militia’s leaders, who have colluded with Turkey, fled to Turkey taking with them thousands of dollars.

(10-10-2019): Wide defections among SDF members in flashpoint areas.

(11-10-2019): Turkish regime forces targeted the towns of Shwargha and Malekeyeh in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

(11-10-2019): Turkish regime forces struck the national hospital in Ras Al-Ayn city.

 (13-10-2019): Turkish occupation forces have displaced 21.400 families from their homes in the northern countryside of Hasaka since the starts of their attack on the northeast of Syria.

(13-10-2019): ISIS terrorists joined the Turkish occupation forces to fight against Syrian people.

(13-10-2019): Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries occupied Tal Abyad city in Raqqa province.

(13-10-2019): 3 foreign journalists died in Turkish airstrike on a convey heading from Ras Al-Ayn city to Qameshli city.

(14-10-2019): Turkish occupation forces struck residential areas, infrastructures and water and power stations in the northeast of Syria.

(In October): Turkish occupation forces. Occupied several towns in Syria.

(20-10-2019): Turkish regime forces occupied the border Ras Al-Ayn city after the withdrawal of SDF militia from it.

(25-10-2019): Turkish regime’s mercenaries abducted civilians from a town in Hasaka and took them to unknown place.

(In October, November, December): Turkish regime’s forces and mercenaries looted crops stored in homes of farmers, power transformers, cows, beehives, fuels and agricultural equipment from many towns in Hasaka.

(In October): Turkish occupation forces sent military convoys to several areas in Syria. 

(In October and November): Turkish occupation forces set up several positions in Syria and raised the Turkish flag on them.

(30-10-2019): Turkish occupation forces shelled a home in Tal al-Wared town in Ras Al-Ayn countryside, killing 3 members of the same family.

(4-11-2019): Turkish regime forces demolished 3 homes and 4 shops for farmers in a town in Hasaka I order to establish a military position in their locations.

(8-11-2019): At least 10 civilians were suffocated from tear gas bombs fired by the Turkish occupation forces on protests in a town in Hasaka province.

 (In November): Turkish regime forces abducted scores of young men from Ras al-Ayn countryside and took them to unknown place.

(11-11-2019): Turkish regime forces formed local councils in Ras Al-Ayn city and towns they have occupied.

(20-11-2019): Turkish occupation forces targeted a civilian car in Raqqa province, killing 5 civilians, including children.

(In November): Turkish regime forces used drones to attack some towns I Hasaka.

(In November and December): Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries prevented residents from returning to their homes in several towns in Hasaka.

(In November and December): Turkish regime  forces set up several military positions in Hasaka province.

(2-12-2019): The mercenaries of the Turkish regime shelled Tal Ref’at town in the northern countryside of Aleppo, killing 9 civilians, including 8 children, and wounding 16 others.

(In December): Turkish occupation forces used threats and money to gather young men to fight alongside the Turkish-backed terrorist groups amid residents’ rejection of doing that.

(In November and December): The Turkish regime transported hundreds of their terrorist mercenaries and their families to Ras Al-Ayn city to house them in the residents’ homes in order to make a demographic change that serves Turkey’s aggressive agenda against Syria.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Turkish regime’s crimes in Syria.  

Prepared by: Basma Qaddour