Forget “Conflicting Narratives”. Only one narrative is based on the evidence-based Truth.

In an earlier article, this author described some of the hidden drivers behind “Western” imperialism. The war on Syria is really about imperialism. All of the narratives that play out on Western televisions serve to obscure this ugly reality. Notice the hidden imperial agenda and the similar characteristics that “prey” countries share.

“The agenda is to destroy societal structures with a view to replacing them with parasitical models that enrich the oligarch classes and impoverish the masses. It’s a globalized settler/colonial dynamic, where the masses, including those in the NATO aggressor nations, are impoverished, and lose their ‘social life bases’ as the domestic and international oligarch classes enrich themselves.

Consider the examples of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Venezuela:

Ghali Hassan reports in ‘Living Conditions In Iraq: A Criminal Tragedy”‘[viii] that, prior to 1991,Iraq had one of the best health care systems in the Middle East, and one of the best education systems, as well as modern sanitary and water infrastructure systems. He reports that Iraq ranked 50 out of 130 in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Human Development Index.

This author reports that prior to the NATO invasion, Libya [ix] had the highest standard of living in Africa, a high Human Development Index (HDI),ranked above the regional average, free public healthcare, free public education, 89% adult literacy rate (with girls outnumbering boys by 10% in secondary and tertiary education), subsidized, affordable food, and almost no homelessness.

A similar narrative emerges with Syria. In an article by Eva Bartlett, “The real Syrian moderates: voices of reason” [x] Dr. Shaaban, a former prof. at Eastern Michigan University and now Political and Media Advisor to President al-Assad, recounts that,

‘Syria was formerly one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and one of the safest. We have free education and health care. We did not know poverty; we grew our food and produced our own clothing. At universities, 55 percent of the students were women.’

Though not being directly invaded at the moment, Venezuela too has a superior social development structure relative to its neighbours. In ‘A Coup in Venezuela Means Another Victory For Corruption’[xi] this author notes:

Between 1998 and 2011, the poverty rate dropped from 49% to 27.4%

Venezuela’s extreme poverty rate dropped from 11.4% to 6.9% in ten years

Venezuela reduced its extreme poverty rate from 6.3% to 5.5% in 2013 alone

Venezuela now boasts the lowest Gini coefficient in Latin America (a measure of income inequality, lower numbers mean less inequality)

Venezuelans have access to free and universal healthcare

Access to quality education (at all levels) is guaranteed for all

Food is deemed affordable

From 2006 to 2011, Venezuela moved up 7 spots in the United Nations’ Human Development Index , to 73 out of 187 countries

Clearly, then, the globalized war that is afflicting humanity is a force for death and destruction rather than a force for life and social progress. The group-think being imposed on western audiences is stopping us from slowing the destruction. (1)

Go to the 4 minute mark of “Lavrov reads Pompeo the Riot Act” and discover the evidence-based “narrative” based upon recent historical context, primary sources, and voices from-the-ground in Syria.

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