Part 2: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover w/ Alison McDowell

Part 2

A critical look at the Fourth Industrial Revolution that the World Economic Forum is pushing, the reengineering of people at the cellular level, the Internet of Things, robotics, cybernetics, AI. How this leads to the enslavement of humanity, their marginalization and dispossession. This continues the trend of the clearing of the commons, pushing people off the land, pushing them into systems that would not be their first choice. There are high stakes to control the populations, both sides are owned, a new form of capitalism is being constructed to gamble on high impact bonds, commodifying the poor, through digital ID, data mining, digital wallets, blockchain technologies, Education, Healthcare, housing, the UN Sustainable Development goals. . Recognizing that people need to grow, contribute, participate, share knowledge, collectively liberate themselves from oppression.

Carol Brouillet