Permanent State Versus The People. The Regime Change War against Syria

Any Canadian who still thinks that our Regime Change efforts against Syria are bringing democracy, freedom, or anything beneficial to Syrians or anyone else is certainly not trying to find the truth.

All Canadians who understand the truth about this Western-imposed catastrophe must do more to stop it. Our passivity is shameful.

Canadian politicians will not help us. In Canada, the Permanent state rules. Corporate predatory globalism with its Investor State Dispute Mechanisms and its hidden, anti-social, job-destroying agendas is the real Regime. Terrorist-supporting politicians are mere fronts, consent is fabricated by News Fabricator Monopolies which are part of the permanent government. Journalists have lost all credibility in matters of importance. Democracy died. The word itself has been weaponized to fabricate consent  for criminal wars and toxic corporate monopoly agendas. Monopolies include Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Food/agribusiness, Military Industrial Complex, International Finance etc. We are basically a treatied sub-state, a vassal state.

Policies come first, and then propaganda is fixed around them. It happened during previous wars, and it is happening now.  

The regime change war against Syria and the propaganda wrapped around our government’s criminality is a case in point.  The War on Terror is simply a false front to disguise imperial conquest and our  longstanding support for proxy terrorists – the same ones that our government and its agencies publicly proclaim to be fighting. 

Testimonies from Syrians in liberated areas consistently contradict controlled media and government lies about the war. 

As decent citizens, all we can do is support the truth, amplify the truth, and denounce our governments’ imperial policies, all of which are wrapped in lies. 

Supporting one or another of the main political parties and engaging in identity politics will guarantee more of the same.  Anti-war/anti-Imperial protests, on the other hand, will legitimately address all “identity” issues under one banner.  

Protests should be grass roots and free from all corporate and “NGO” tentacles.  Otherwise they are invariably co-opted by their funders.  Frayed Colonial Media Propaganda Transmission Lines. Fake Atrocities Used to Justify “Humanitarian War Crimes”

As Prof Chossudovsky notes in “Rockefeller, Ford Foundations Behind World Social Forum (WSF). The Corporate Funding of Social Activism” for example,  

“… a Montreal WSF 2016 event on Syria refers to a country ‘in ruins as a result of a multifaceted  war between the dictatorship of Bashar al Assad and a host of opposition organizations,’ echoing almost verbatim the narrative of the mainstream media.  The central role of US-NATO in destroying Syria as a sovereign country is not mentioned.”

A World Social Forum that promotes criminal war propaganda and supreme international crimes is clearly an agency for the imperialists, and not for anything progressive or socially-oriented. It is an icon of the co-optation of the “Left” and “Progressives”.

Our governments and their agencies are responsible for these wars.  It is up to us, as decent citizens, to denounce them. 


Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


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