Rocco Galati Rocks Toronto’s Freedom Rally

Transcript by Rawan R Mahmasa

Rocco Galati

I’m going to introduce you a brother to me, one of the best lawyers in the world because he is receiving calls from lawyers from all over the world with the lawsuit that he filed in July.

So I would like to introduce you to this whole thing of the past and turn it up, one of the most important lawyers in Canada, Mr. Rocco Galati.

Rocco, Rocco, Rocco, we love you!

Wait, wait, My partner may be watching at home right now, before I speak to you about your rights.

I want to make a few quick announcements and then I’ll have a few important announcements. At the end of my speech. I first I, first want to make a few announcements. Then I want to talk to Trudeau, Ford and Tory, I know. I know they’re not listening and don’t give a shit what I have to say in public, but they have to hear it anyway.

So I want to thank everybody for your supporting emails and phone calls. And I want to thank you for your support of the Constitutional Rights Center. Since we launched the website about a month and a half ago and other social media platforms. Prior to the recital was stayed away from social media. I’m sort of an older Luddite type. And what I quickly learned in the last month and a half is that mainstream media and social media are really no different. The social media has become a corporate slice of the mainstream media, and both the social media and the mainstream media have become to Trudeau Ford and Tory on the Covid with Pravda west of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.

They are all special mouthpieces, censors. They’re graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism, all of them. Shameful, shame. So what’s what’s been made clear to me is that we have to free ourselves from this main street shackle that we all are on unfortunately addicted. The good news that I noticed at the same time is that this this this untenable situation has led to an explosion of alternative media, smaller venues where they keep like my Web site, everything is kept internal.

I don’t care when they take me down. I’ve got everything duplicated, hard drive that they can take down. What we need to do is have our alternative media stations turn into our own URL and I’ve been in contact with people across North America to do just that. And hopefully we can all hook up and win, and not become victims of YouTube and Facebook and the rest of them, especially CBC.

So I think the fool that I am, I decided to join this, this this movement, and I’ve I’ve decided to join this alternative and healthy voice,  you know, they’re going to have to move aside for me. So I have I’ve partnered up to establish an alternative media company in studio with the launch date in December of this year.

And and that’s because I want to do my part to reflect my community, society and the world in an honest, direct, non deceitful way with the intention of hooking up with other such independent media outlets already out there. I want to I want to at this point very briefly introduce them, introduce my business partner in our company called  Wholehearted Media. I don’t know if she’s my my my partner. My business partner is a former television journalist, video  web director and social media manager, more importantly, more importantly than her job titles, she’s an extremely insightful, incisive and intellectually spiritually independent individual. This is Raj Winder Cabin, Her friends call her Raj, her closer friends call her, Raji! However, she’s instructed to me that I address her as Miss Capley or if I want, for short, boss.. So do you want to say a few words or not?


This is an absolute honor and privilege and quite frankly, a dream come true to be standing here in front of all of you and partnering with this guy, oh it’s amazing!

I just want to say that if it feels so good to know that nothing, nothing can stop the awakening of humanity and I’m so excited,  I feel like, you know, and I’m so excited to be bringing Wholehearted Media to you all, stay tuned.

Oh, OK.

Now for them for the rent. on March 17, 2020. Ford commences the emergency. Somebody on Twitter the same day tweeted the following quote, COVID-19 frenzy, a waltz in the global totalitarian tip to tip toe to a New World Order. Parliament closures, global shutdown, soldiers out banking and corporate bailouts, sacked science do not add up death toll. Elderly and immunocompromised victims marginally no different than any other flu. I was born seventeen. And you know who tweeted that?

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. this paragraph, this paragraph just about fucking sums it up. Anyone who was awake at the time and there were many of us there were many of us who, in fairness, feared, but we’re too felt too alone and didn’t want to buck the system in our community to express themselves. But anybody who was awake saw this coming because they had been expressed open the planning for it’s been in the planning for decades.

So I want to talk about human beings and humanity, because at the end of the day, constitutional lawyers and defending constitutional rights are defending the human attributes that make us human. It’s no more complicated than that.

So I want to first say to Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Ford, Mr. Tory, respectfully, none of us want to sing in your fascist muzzled rat race choir that you’re conducting to a score of pornography of fear, for globalist criminals. So I like to say to each of you, respectfully, stop lying to your citizens, you’re supposed to serve.

Stop lying about the bogus fraudulent “testing”. Tell us what the PCR tests and what it actually tests. You know, it does not test for any virus.

Your case counts are criminal propaganda. Your discourse of numbers is criminally fraudulent. In the USA, they call that data fraud and actually have criminal provisions geared at state officials who engage in data fraud, because it misleads the public.


So stop lying about cases to scare us about deaths. Even on your fraudulent characterization 9800 plus Covid deaths, this amounts barely to one quarter of one percent of the Canadian population. Don’t talk to me about numbers in the abstract that don’t mean a fucking thing. This is, this is, an, uh, this is a death rate that is no different from the annual flu for the last 15 years.


Where’s the pandemic? And stop lying about, calculated globalized fearmongering

…we are not afraid… We are not…

There are those who are afraid and who are they? They are largely the poor, the disabled and the elderly, because they are the victims of the vicious fraud. They are the ones who can’t negotiate their life in the context of this insanity that you’re unleashed on us, and shame on you of that.

I have four or five questions for Mr. Trudeau. Why are you advertising for crowd control officers for 25th 25? Why are you preparing massive stock supplies of riot tear gas? Why are you preparing internment facilities? Why are advertising for drone neighborhood surveillance monitoring officers for 2030? This is all public publicly available information. What’s your agenda Mr. Trudeau? Mr. Trump and Mr. Tory here in the city of Toronto. Why do you miserably fail at providing affordable housing but you’re happy and gleeful to take 14 million dollars to build an isolation center, another type of internment facility? Build some affordable housing why don’t you?

(Lock him up)

I want to address Mr. Ford our Premier as well. So why would you not answer any of Randy Hillier’s questions? Especially about the internment camps planned for Ontario? Why do you refer to law- abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights  as Yahoos, and that if they don’t like masks or mandatory measures they can quote leave the country? Where did you get that fucking audacity? In my career I’ve heard that  line directed at me many times when I take on popular cases and it’s always from the same source not always from the same person but always from  the same well, and that well is the well of red-necked whites supremacists. Your ancestors may have helped in   stealing this land from the indigenous people of Canada but you don’t own the fucking country. Any Premier who says that should be ashamed of himself. And I’d like to say Mr. Ford you may have a challenging time understanding what I’m about to say, but thought, conscience, belief, expression, association, assembly,  life, liberty, security of the person, freedom from unlawful search and seizure and arbitrary detention and equality are not rights you and your kind tyrannical and incompetent politicians gave to me or anyone else. They are human attributes bestowed upon us by the Creator even if you believe their Creator goes no cosmically farther than your mother.  Even there it is she who gave you  gave us all the gift of life and the human attributes that come with it they all we all possess as members of humanity. These rights that you have in the Constitution are codified human attributes. That’s all they are, they’re not rights bestowed upon you by the states, the state can only curtail suppress eliminate or try to kill your human attributes don’t get hoodwinked that the Charter was there to give you these rights. No. The Charter was there to protect you against these depraved tyrannical mothers.

So I’m here to tell you of course on behalf of my clients who asked me to be here today because otherwise I wouldn’t waste my breath on  you because I know you don’t listen and if you do you rarely understand Premier Ford and you don’t care I know that but I’m here to tell you on behalf of my clients as they as they know the constitutional lawyer representing them who have filed in court against you, Mr. Trudeau, Tory along with your fraudulent and competent Medical Health Officers who vacillate with their advice which you refuse to disclose by the way, and vacillate  with their advice from  week to week like palm trees, swaying in a Pacific hurricane. I mean if we believe everything they say they should be fired for incompetence tomorrow. And what I want to say is that you can’t have under any circumstances my constitutional rights because they belong to me. They belong to everybody here and everybody not here, they’re not yours to possess so well I have to stop short because then I can you know… So they were entrenched to protect me against tyrannical politicians like you, so I say on behalf of myself and if I have the permission of the good people here I say that we are all exempt.

Rocco, Rocco, Rocco.

This is the first time that I’ve come out so and I hope you don’t mind if I rob a bit more time that was a lot of, Ok, I’d like to say to Mr. Ford, you’ve tried to isolate me from my fellow humans, silence me with your slave trade masks, close down and lock down points of human contact, refrain me from kissing and hugging my children, and allow the abuse of children who are strapped in school all day including  the schoolyard, in the schoolyard, into wearing these stupid masks that have been documented to cause health risks.

Now Teresa Tam tells me I have to wear a mask when I want to have sex and even further than that, she personally recommended masturbation for all of us till 2022. Well,  dear doctor Tam, choose what do you do in your personal life until 2022. It’s your right but do not tell me how to breathe, who to talk to, who to kiss, or who to make love with my consensual partner or how …. I will, we will not be stripped of our humanity.

So Trudeau, Ford, and Tory have been on a tyrannical tear to dehumanize us of all our human attributes for what? To serve the predatory globalist agenda? Bill Gates and his criminal cohorts, nothing, quote, nothing gets back to normal until we get a microchip vaccine. My, my, my, my, my answer to that is, go pound sand to a wet beach. Preferably a beach near your cottage where you break the rules along with Mr. Trudeau. 

So Belgian doctors have called for an investigation of the WHO for quote its fraudulent pandemic. Dutch nurses and doctors have sued over the fact that this is not a quote pandemic but a flu and their nurses are refusing to be vaccinated to continue working there are now over a hundred thousand doctors experts worldwide calling this pandemic fraudulent and the measures unwarranted the measures have killed to a factor of 12 to 14 to one more people than you depraved leaders and Health Officers claim Covid has killed. You’re suggesting to us that we’re so stupid as to think the way to kill a fly on a glass table is to take a fucking sledgehammer.

Now the World Food Bank is saying 10% of the world population risks starvation that’s 700 million people okay.. 10 thousand additional children a month they’re already dying from disruption of food supplies. How do you justify that Mr. Ford? Just because they’re not your kids and dozens of developing countries have ejected the WHO for its conduct and failed attempts to bribe their heads of state and for using their children for medical experiments.

Mr. Ford, 81 of all Canadians who have died from the Covid according to you died in their rat hole, Long-Term Care facilities and what have you and Mr. Tory and Mr. Trudeau done about this year after year because it happens year after year.? You’ve done freaking nothing. So now you go waste, so you appoint the honorable Mr. Justice Morocco associate Chief Justice for whom I have the world of respect for him. He’s one of the most enlightened and greatest jurors we’ve had but what’s he going to tell you, you don’t know, you don’t maintain proper long term care facilities that are there mostly for profit and you, this government and all previous governments have turned their head the other way so now you’re trying to whitewash it with a Judicial Inquiry, and all of this, all of this, you know, you ignore the elderly, you ignore all the things, all the things that could have mitigated these deaths but you got your eye on internment camps over people who reject and oppose your lying fraudulent agenda, criticized and opposed by eminent experts all over the world, you got your eye on suppressing of inalienable constitutional rights going to life itself. Is that your solution?

You know for what again and I’m almost finished guys and girls again for what is he doing this? Well it’s clear you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, just read to serve Bill Gates and GAVI,  the World Economic Forum the IMF the World Bank and all the other criminal billionaire corporate oligarchs. Why do we need to stand for this? Yet you keep your liquor stores as an essential service. People are dying but your liquor is an essential service owned by the government of Ontario while I can’t get shoes for my kids unless I get them at Walmart or Costco right what do these measures and agenda have to do with this public health? Who do you think you’re kidding?

And I’d like to say Mr. Ford if I was born yesterday it was pretty early in the fucking morning. My clients do not believe trust nor care to listen anymore to you your lies nor you propaganda machine and the **** you call main stream and corporate media. Your policies and politics make no scientific medical or common sense, your belligerent fascism will not deter us in defending our human attributes codified as constitutional rights. Your measures are destructive irrational unconstitutional they serve other masters, not the citizens of this province or country.

Just a couple of last announcements before I get off the stage. Next on out litigation we are bringing a wholesale challenge in British Columbia. In Ontario we’re preparing to file against school Principals, Superintendents, of and school boards for their insane torture. School boards and superintendents are actually have the audacity to even breach the provincial laws that are on the books, nobody could’ve said it better than Bob Dylan in his song, Everything is Broken when he said, They’re breaking, they’re bending broken rules.

I and the other lawyers and staff at the Constitutional Right Center,

Thank you very much for your support. We invite you to continue our support, supporting us, so we can continue our efforts against this insanity

Thank you very much.