Syria Is Burning/ Commentary by Vanessa Beeley

Photo Credit: Vanessa Beeley

Syria is burning. Thousand-year-old Olive trees incinerated. More food supplies decimated. War, sanctions, terrorism, occupation, no fuel, sky high food prices, electricity shortages, homelessness. Poverty yawns, its cavernous mouth ready to receive the victims of American sadistic colonialism, aided and abeted by its long term globalist allies. I see Syrians from all sectors fighting the flames with bare hands, little equipment or safety apparatus. I don’t see Syria’s allies coming to her aid. I don’t see neighbours who benefitted from Syrian aid and generosity in the past, even when Syria herself was on her knees during the war, I don’t see them flocking to help Syria. This is painful, it makes me so unhappy. Syria is the land of forgiveness, the land of hospitality and open arms despite everything. Where are you all? #Lebanon#Iraq#Russia in particular.