Syrian Women

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa

Syrian women:

The Syrian Women; It is our duty to participate in the elections.

The role of women is very important, especially in the present circumstance to exercise her electoral role  because it  is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and the law. I will vote for the right person for the next stage and hope the choice is conciliator. The role of women in elections is, of course, a constitutional duty. If she participates in the constitutional elections, she  promotes her constitutional rights and    she promotes equality between her and Man.

So that Syria will remain proud, and in order for the face of democracy to remain illuminated in the world, we must share Elections.

As long as I have a right, I have a duty to participate because these are presidential elections for Syria and I’m Syrian so then I must vote.

Of course, one has the right to vote, the right to be put use his voice. All women must vote. Of course we are all going to participate and vote because voting is a our duty and it is also a must.  Of course I will participate in elections because the exercise of the right to vote in a country such as Syria, a democratic one, the right is given to all so that is why I should go and vote.