“Les cendres de la guerre” avec Dr. Ayssar Midani

Les Cendres de la Guerre avec Dr. Ayssar Midani

Reporting from Joubar, a suburb of Damascus, Dr. Ayssar Midani shines a light on realities of the NATO war against Syria, and against civilization itself.

She takes us to places from which terrorists fired their missiles onto children, men, and women in Damascus, murdering and handicapping thousands. She shows us the location where terrorists tortured their victims.

We explore tunnels, dug by terrorists and their captive slaves, used to to store weapons and ammunition and to prosecute their Western commanded and controlled terror campaigns.

We hear testimony from Sameer Mjalli. Terrorists kidnapped his two brothers in 2012, and their whereabouts remain unknown. Mjalli is a refugee first from the Israeli occupation of Gaza, and second form NATO terrorism in Ghouta.

We learn how the West supports and grows the Wahhabi ideology, and continues to do so. We see how terrorists attack public service employees and indeed all secular institutions.

All of Dr. Midani’s observations have been corroborated by previous on-the-ground independent researchers. For example, in 2017 Prof. Anderson noted that,

“the hostages provide several key benefits for the gangs. First they are an important slave labour force in tunnel digging, second they are used as human shields, to deter air attacks; and finally they have been sacrificed at times as victims of ‘regime’ attacks, in ‘false flag’ incidents. No-one has any real idea of the numbers of hostages; but many civilians and soldiers are still missing.” (1)

In 2018, Eva Bartlett recorded this testimony from Khaled, a civilian who had endured life under terrorist occupation:

” ‘They stopped me at night, I was on my way to get something. They suspected that I was working for the regime, helping the army. They took me to al-Taoubah prison, where they tortured me. They would tie me to a chair and shock my hands or the top of my toes. They would tie two wires to my toes then plug the other end to the inverter and shock me. They would keep doing that until you confess to something. I didn’t confess, because I had nothing to confess to. They tortured me for two days. What they did caused me to have a severe myopia, it felt like electricity came out of my eyes.’

Khaled spoke of an execution he witnessed in Douma. ‘They came in a truck with a 23mm (anti-aircraft) machine gun and blew off his head. Then, they accused the Syrian Army of killing him.’ A photo on his mobile phone showed a headless man sitting in a chair, no remnants of shelling.

Jaysh al-Islam blew his head off for selling food cheaply, because they wanted to keep prices high, so that people stay impoverished and would have to work for them in tunneling or join them in fighting.” (2)

Evidence-based documentation of what has happened in Syria and what is happening in Syria has always been the antithesis to the war propaganda spun by colonial media and Western “establishment” sources.


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