(Voices from Syria) A book by Canadian researcher Mark Taliano documenting the role of America and its allies in sparking war and supporting terrorists/SANA

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“Voices from Syria” is a book by Canadian researcher Mark Taliano, who works at the Global Research Center for Globalization, in which he presents his impressions of Syria and what he saw through his visit several times during the years of the terrorist war to see for himself the truth that the West tried to obliterate and refute the lies promoted by western and Arab media.

In his book, which was conveyed to Arabic by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and Basma Kaddour, the writer Taliano presents real testimonies from the center of the square, from the fighting, from the people who have been hit by terrorism in areas of Latakia, Aleppo, Damascus, and others to tell western public opinion these are the facts I have seen and they are quite different from what your misleading media say.

In the introduction to the book, Professor Michael Chossudovsky, director of the Globalization Research Center in Canada, asserts that everyone in Syria knows that the United States is behind terrorists, supports them and finances them at the expense of taxpayers, while its allies in the region recruit and train ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorists on behalf of them while the Israeli occupation entity shelters them.

Chusseki points out that Syria was able to thwart the war it targeted, which carried a “humanitarian slogan” to justify the aggression against a country that has long been considered the cradle of civilization in the region and believes that if this war succeeded, it would have led to serious consequences, particularly the goal of replacing the secular pluralistic regime with another barbaric and chaotic one.

The writer Taliano chooses his witnesses carefully, not only choosing Syrian personalities, but also offering the views of foreigners such as American Lily Martin, who has been living in our country for years, but because of what she saw, she could not get herself to vote for Hillary Clinton during her candidacy for the Presidency of the United States because she oversaw the transfer of weapons from Libya to Turkey and then to Syria for use specifically from U.S.-backed terrorists who destroyed her home in 2014, beheaded her neighbors and committed the most heinous crimes. They looted villages such as Kassab.

The translator Dr. Alloush explains to SANA that the book is aimed at a Western audience and addresses its sensitivities, but begins his speech in the words of the Syrians, providing testimonies to them about their bitter experience during the war in which the West used terrorists as a tool and their steadfastness and arrogance in the face of blockade and economic terrorism.

According to Alloush, the book provides a theoretical framing of the war on Syria linking it to the international strategies of the plan of imperial domination of the world and the instruments of fourth-generation wars, and in that particular context, syria presented a study case within its broader framework as part of the global war against independent states and movements to be subjected.

On Taliano’s handling of the media file in the war on Syria, Dr. Alloush explains that the Western media system was used to justify the plan of aggression against Syria and try to overthrow the Syrian state by publishing a series of lies and promoting them since the early days of the war to say that the Syrian state is “persecuting its people” to the lies of the use of chemical weapons and the file of the so-called “Caesar” and claim that The West supports this war in defence of the rights of Syrian human beings and refugees, in order to conclude the image of the new Middle East project, which is the focus of the Zionist entity, which is in this way more advanced and deeper than many Western progressives, whom Taliano strongly criticizes for their liberalism and their drift behind imperialist propaganda and turn them into a front for it.

The book’s publisher, Afra Hadba, director of The New Dilmun House, pointed out that the book Voices from Syria is part of the work adopted by the house in the series of documentaries that monitored the facts of the war on Syria and its repercussions, considering that the book adds to what Dilmun has accomplished under the title of documentation and investigation for the sake of truth and history within our cultural project.

Hadba pointed out that the book is located in 212 pages of medium pieces and analyzes in his thesis the reasons for the war on Syria and the chapters of the conspiracy that was hatched for this purpose and exposes the media fabrications that played its role in igniting the war and fueling it through the policy of misinformation adopted by television stations and news agencies to satisfy the policies of the war financiers.

Bilal Ahmad