Voices From Syria Power Point Presentation

Imperial Lawlessness


Jeffrey Sachs drops a massive load of Syria-related common sense on MSNBC – Mark Taliano
US economic embargo​​​​​​​ on Syria is ‘crime against humanity’: Analyst

Trump’s ‘Caesar’ Style Siege on Syria, A Sign of Impending Regional Failure/By Prof Tim Anderson/American Herald Tribune, June 12, 2020
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Below are screen shots of the controversial leaked Pentagon report (highlights by GR).

From Day One (March 2011), the Islamist “freedom fighters” and “protesters” were supported, trained and equipped by NATO and Turkey’s High Command. 

Origins of the Islamic State (ISIS): Who is Behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon Acknowledges Fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend”/By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

READ MORE: Al Qaeda is on our side/Clinton’s State Department Aid

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The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?
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Top members of the Establishment, including Vice President Biden ADMIT that their close regional allies finance ISIS — even as they try (unconvincingly) to distance themselves from complicity.

The Criminal Regime Change / Dirty War On Syria, The Siege of Deir Ezzor by ISIS Proxy Terrorists
Admissions from John Kerry:


NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights – Industrial Complex

Al-Qaeda Leader Abu Mohammad Al Joulani praises Canadian-supported White Helmets/ Commentary by Vanessa Beeley/

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch use White Helmets as their “most routinely reliable source for reporting”

Western-backed Terrorism and Freedoms Denied/ Commentary by Reverend Andrew Ashdown
August 5, 2019

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Libya And The Lies Of Empire, February, 2015

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The Criminal West’s State Sponsorship of Terrorism: “A -Team”— al Qaeda and ISIS
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International Law, Human Rights, The Fight against Terrorism: Which Country Holds the Legal and Moral High Ground, Canada or Syria?
Syria’s Victories Are Our Victories

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READ MORE: Trump’s Love Affair with Saudi Arabia, The Fountainhead of Terrorism

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The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable
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Full article:
Real Hypocrisy versus Real Change: Canada’s PM Trudeau Backs Arms Deal with Saudi “Lords of Terrorism”

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Full article:
Voices from Syria: “This Country is being Violated by Terrorists who Destroy History, and People”
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Shame on Humanity/ Commentary by Reverend Andrew Ashdown
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The Rape of Kasab by Dr Declan Hayes https://gailmalone.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/the-rape-of-kasab-by-dr-declan-hayes/
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The Criminal West’s State Sponsorship of Terrorism: “A -Team”— al Qaeda and ISIS

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