Washington-led NATO’s War On Syria and Syrians

Washington-led NATO and their allies support all of the terrorists in Syria, hence, the terrorists are appropriately named NATO terrorists. NATO has command and control (1) of all of the terrorists. Turkey, currently in the limelight for its supreme criminality, is a member of NATO.

The Caliphate Project (2) is appropriately named a “CIA Caliphate” again, since Washington is responsible for these terrorist gangs and their mission in Syria.

A significant part of the terrorist mission is “destabilization”. “Destabilization” means “to destroy”. The terrorists, in concert with the West, destroy everything.

One example would be civilian infrastructure. The terrorists have been committing war crimes for years now by destroying power and water plants, and the repair of these plants is further hindered because the criminal economic blockade that the West imposes on Syria impedes rehabilitation and rebuilding of said plants. Additionally, NATO terrorists have for years targeted and murdered workers who work on repairing NATO-destroyed infrastructure.

The Syrian Solidarity Movement reported in 2019 that,

“over 12,000 fellow union members were either killed or injured by terror groups in the last 8 years, and the fate of over 3000 kidnapped members is still unknown. Yet none of this is ever reported or relayed in western media.   Many of the workers were subjected to draconian and barbaric torture by the terror groups before they were killed, like the mutilation that happened to Issa Mahmood Hassan in Homs. Issa was a gas storage facility manager who was ambushed on his way to work and killed by armed militants belonging the so called “moderate rebels”. After severing his head from his body, they used his mobile phone to call his wife and describe in detail what they did to her husband. Other examples include the killing of railway workers while they were trying to repair the railway tracks between Aleppo and Hama in September 2011; the killing of electricians who were trying to repair electrical cables in Deir Ez-Zour and Homs and the atrocity committed in August 2012 by the so called “moderate rebels” in Al-Baba, in the North of Aleppo Province, where the rebels threw post office workers off the roof of their work building.” (3)

In the following interview, conducted by Vanessa Beeley in #Mhardeh Syria, Syrian
Ali Haifa describes the hardships that all Syrians face as they confront the full spectrum terrorist warfare that NATO and its allies are inflicting on Syria.

"We give our blood to keep this country". Ali Haifa is the director of #Mhardeh power station, in Northern Hama, besieged by various extremist armed gangs until the recent #SAA liberation of this province – he is a hero, a humble hero who embodies the reason that #Syria has resisted such a brutal, violent sectarian war waged against them by tens of hostile states, for almost 10 years – twice the length of World War 2. People like Ali are everywhere in Syria – the ordinary people who refuse to allow their country to be desecrated, destroyed by backward thinking monsters promoted by the West, armed and financed by a multitude of criminal rogue states. I will be writing a full report but I asked Ali to give a short message to the people in the West about the suffering that his homeland has endured during this war, forced upon them by the hegemons that prey upon smaller, progressive and heritage-rich nations. Ali can only be described as a gentle giant of a soul. He told me stories of his bravery and courage under fire, battling the flames of burning fuel tanks after the Jaish Al Izza and various other sectarian, armed gangs had targeted the plant that supplies much of Syria with electricity. Deliberate targeting of essential civilian infrastructure is a war crime. When i told him, he is quite simply a hero, he smiled and said:"This is my duty, I would do everything for my country and my people"Please do listen to this simple and short message from a man who has survived hell, literally. He deserves to be heard. Thank you.#Syria_Rising #Never_Forget #Never_Forgive

Posted by Vanessa Beeley on Friday, February 28, 2020

Syria’s Children: “Condemned to Live”, Shackled by the Scars of US-NATO Terrorism

The financial costs of restoring terrorist-destroyed electrical infrastructure alone is not insignificant:

The war on Syria is a war on every single Syrian citizen. It is a war in which the West and its allies are directly responsible for every death and all of the destruction.

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