Western-backed Terrorism and Freedoms Denied/ Commentary by Reverend Andrew Ashdown

Two years ago, I visited the remains of the ‘White Helmets’ HQ in East Aleppo. It was situated in a compound of four school buildings adjacent to each other which included the local Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Q’da HQ). The beloved ‘White Helmets’ and their supporters have been and continue to be supported and funded by the British Government. The first two photographs were taken in their school compound.and represent the people whom our government, media, advisers and NGO agencies have consistently supported in the Syrian conflict. The first poster tells how women should be dressed and wear the hijab:
“Women should wear clothes that cover the whole body.
The clothes should be wide and not like men’s clothes.
Women should not wear perfume.
The clothes should not be like those of the ‘infidels’.
The clothes should not be attractive.”
The second poster uses Quranic texts to affirm the oneness of God and ensure that people should only worship the one God. It is a barely concealed critique of religious pluralism in a country which is home to more Islamic and Christian diversity than most countries in the region.
The third photograph shows a group of volunteers at a children’s project in Aleppo, who represent that diversity that the western-backed militants wish to crush, and the women whose freedom they wish to deny. But our government and media will neither listen to their voices nor make it possible by sanctions for anyone to support their initiatives.

Photo Credit: Reverend Ashdown

“What the hell are we doing supporting this militant, violent extremism?”