White Helmets mop up after Al Qaeda massacre SAA soldiers in Jisr Al Shughour hospital – May 2015/Commentary by Vanessa Beeley

(Note: Canada also supports the White Helmets directly — M. Taliano)

Those who defend the White Helmets are, almost certainly, following orders from government or intelligence agencies.  Why can I say this? Because the evidence of this UK/US/EU/Qatar/Israeli/Turkish- financed and promoted organisation being affiliated with terrorist groups such as Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda in Syria – is irrefutable.  

The Nusra Front attack on Jisr Al Shughour hospital, Idlib, in May 2015 led to the deaths of hundreds of Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending the buildings, civilians were also killed in the attack by an internationally recognised terrorist organisation. In the second video, we clearly see White Helmet operatives cleaning up after the brutal assault. We see a Nusra Front fighter among them, weapon slung over his shoulder and his face covered.   

Original videos:   https://youtu.be/RbUuTgOEVh0 

https://youtu.be/Vc84iyts8Y4 Al Qaeda,Idlib,OPCW,Syria,White Helmets